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Hi Tec Createston

Hi Tec Createston
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Model: 2400 Grams
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1/ CREATESTON contains everything that a human body needs for anabolic metabolism, i.e. for muscle building.

2/ All substrates contained in CRETESTON work in synergy and potentiate themselves mutually through effects of insulin and testosterone.

3/ Insulinogenic aromatic extracts cause carbohydrates to join the ATP cycle and then they are used as an energy substrate for muscle building instead of being stored as body fat.

The highly complex composition of CREATESTON supplies proteins, amino acids, energy substrates, and anabolizing agents that your body needs for maximum development of power and muscle building.

CREATESTON contains many new substances produced exclusively by the PEAK PERFORMANCE Luxembourg company as, for instance, amino acids on the basis of TST (Total Solution Technology), insulinogenic vegetal extracts (β-ecdysterone, MHCP, polypeptide P, ADPS, β-sitosterol, steroidal saponins).


Thanks to these substances the body gets into a highly anabolic condition that results in the building substrates being massively supplied to muscle cells where they are intensively transformed into body, i.e. muscle proteins.


The proteins contained in CREATESTON are made use of and built in 6 times faster thanks to β-ecdysterone. Due to the presence of polypeptide P and D-pitinol, creatine is “pushed” into muscle cells as massively as if a great amount of carbohydrates or insulin injections have been administered. Due to free amino acids – TST the proteosynthesis in muscles already starts 10 minutes after taking CREATESTON.


CREATESTON is a complex building matrix complemented by new substrates based on the newest scientific knowledge.


Do you know MHCP (the insulinogenic cinnamon extract), sulforaphan/indol-3-carbinol (broccoli extract with an anti-aromatase effect)? Do you know D-pinitol (pine extract promoting the insulinogenic effects and uptake of nitrogen and creatine)? Do you know all the building substrates and catalysts contained in CREATESTON and their mutual synergic effects?


Do you know that the combination of soya and whey is better for the development of muscles and maintaining of a stable hormone level than separate soya or whey proteins? Do you know that essential amino acids (EAA) are predominantly decisive for increased growth of muscles and that the non-essential ones do not play any role? Do you know that even the best proteins contain only 35% of the essential amino acids contributing to muscle building and that the muscular mass might be now built better through amino acids in a free singular form (in the amino acid –malate form)?


Do you know that testosterone modulators on the steroidal saponin base work together with insulinogenic agents and protein amino acids to activate SHBG (sex hormone binding protein) in order to achieve binding with testosterone at a lower level because only unbound testosterone may actively work in cells?


The secret of the effect of CREATESTON lies in the synergic work of individual substrates, which are contained in optimal amounts and the effects of which manifest themselves at the right moment. The effects of individual substrates contained in the product do not cumulate but multiply each other (potentiate), which leads to a truly optimal effect.




Cell volumisers

micronised creatine-monohydrate, or creatine-afla ketoglutarate (available only in Createston professional), glutamine, taurine, and other substances,

Insulinogenic vegetal substrates

ALA (available only in Createston professional), fenugreek, D-pinitol, glucose polymere, and other substances,

Testosterone modulators

steroidal saponins, fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, maca, avena sativa,

Cortisol minimizer

amino acids, insulinogenic agents, broccoli extract, polyfenols, zinc, and other substances,

Fat metabolism modulators

Acetyl-L-carnitine (available only in Createston professional), BCAA, soya, HCA, β – ecdysterone, magnesium, chrome, and other substances,

ATP Precursors

micronised creatine monohydrate, nozine, ribose, and other substances, ALA , creatine-alfa-ketoglutarate (available only in Createston professional),

Assimilation modulators

ALA (available only in Createston professional), B-ecdysterone, fenugreek, glutamine, and other substances,

Anabolic substrates

izoflavons (available only in Createston professional) , HMB, N-acetyl-L-cystein, β –ecdysterone,

Growth hormone modulators

Arginine, leucine, zinc,

Absorption modulators

Piperine, β -ecdysterone, aromatic extracts, and other substances,


Rhodiola rosae extract, ginseng extract, ashwaghanda extract, cordyceps, shilajit (available only in Createston professional),


green tea extract, grape seed extract (available only in Createston professional), vitamins,

NO Modulators


Modulators T3, T4

Soya protein


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